Fill Your Pantry and Winter Vegetable Sagra

Sunday, December 8th, 2019

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Big Impact for Local Producers

The 5th annual Portland Fill Your Pantry is Sunday, December 8th from 11am-3pm at The Redd on SE Salmon Street. Fill Your Pantry is a one-day community bulk-buying event focused on shoppers truly stocking their pantries for the winter with items from local farms such as storage vegetables, fruit, beans, pasture-raised meats, grains, canned goods, and other products. During the event you can pick up your pre-ordered goods and check out all the other local farmers and ranchers. Last year, despite harsh weather at an outdoor venue, hundreds of shoppers came out to meet and support local farmers and ranchers. This year we’ll be inside and expect an even bigger turnout! 

Winter Vegetable Sagra 

Happening alongside Fill Your Pantry this year is the Winter Vegetable Sagra (festival), organized by the Eat Winter Vegetables project and the Culinary Breeding Network! The Winter Vegetable Sagra provides event attendees an opportunity to learn about, celebrate, and taste the many different varieties of winter vegetables being grown by Oregon farmers through tastings, cooking demonstrations and more.

 About Fill Your Pantry

Fill Your Pantry is an annual bulk purchasing event organized by various local food system non-profits around Oregon. It is an excellent opportunity to purchase large quantities of staple and storage crops at great prices directly from local farmers at a time of the year when many farmers can really use the extra sales. Friends of Family Farmers has organized Fill Your Pantry events in Portland since 2015. 

On December 9, 2018, we held our 4th annual Portland Fill Your Pantry bulk buying event on a cold, blustery day under cover outside at Faubion Elementary School. Despite harsh weather, hundreds of shoppers came out and purchased over $62,000 in bulk vegetables, fruit, beans, pasture-raised meats, canned goods, and other product from the 21 participating farms and ranches! Thanks to everyone – producers, customers and volunteers – for making this such a great event!

FoFF’s 3th Annual Portland Fill Your Pantry was held on December 3, 2017 at The Redd on Salmon Street. Hundreds of supporters attended and we collectively helped generate over $60,000 in sales that went directly into the pockets of 24 local farms & ranches! In case you missed this very fun event, check out some pictures here.