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Current and Previous Newsletters

1/10/19 – January 2019 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
12/7/18 – December 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
11/1/18 – November 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
10/9/18 – October 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
9/5/18  September 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
8/8/18 – August 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
7/11/18 – July 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
6/10/18 – June 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
5/9/18 – May 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
4/11/18 – April 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
3/7/18 – March 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
2/1/18 – February 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar!
1/11/18 – January 2018 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
12/7/17 – December 2017 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
11/3/2017 – November 2017 Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
10/5/17 – October Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
9/7/17 – September Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
8/4/17 – August Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
6/30/17 – July Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
6/8/17 – June Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
5/4/17May Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
4/7/17April Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
3/8/17 March Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
2/8/17February Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
1/10/17January Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
12/05/16 – December Barnyard Newsletter and Calendar
11/02/16 – November Barnyard E-News and Calendar!
10/04/16 – October Barnyard E-News and Calendar!
09/07/16 – September Barnyard E-News and Calendar!
08/04/16 – August Barnyard E-News and Calendar!
07/06/16 – Notes from the Barnyard: OR Farm Link Success, Dine Out for FoFF, Pasture Network Update, Calendar and More!
06/07/16 – Notes from the Barnyard: Oregon Pasture Network, Go Solar with FoFF, Farm Link, Grants for Farmers, Calendar
05/04/16 – Notes from the Barnyard: Grants for Farmers, NE Oregon Family Farm and Ranch Week, iFarm Success!, Calendar and More!
04/05/16 – Notes from the Barnyard: DC Update, Oregon Pasture Network, Hard Cider Tours, Spring InFARM Series
03/09/16 – Notes from the Barnyard: Spring Events, 2016 Legislative Recap, Farmer Listening Sessions
02/09/16 – Notes from the Barnyard: GMOs in the Oregon Legislature, Farmer Listening Sessions and More!
01/15/16 – Notes from the Barnyard: 2016 Preview, FSMA Update, Farmer Listening Sessions, and More!
11/24/15 – Notes from the Barnyard: Kicking Butt and Taking Notes, Year-End Square Dance!, Fill Your Pantry Recap, and More!
10/29/15 – Notes from The Barnyard: Fill Your Pantry Nov. 8, Farmer & Stakeholder Surveys, Calendar of Events, and More
10/7/15 – Notes from The Barnyard: Farmer Survey, Fill Your Pantry, Farmers Rising II, Calendar of Events!
9/21/15 – TAKE ACTION: Tell the Governor No Factory Farm Operators on the Board of Agriculture
9/8/15 – Notes from The Barnyard: Meet our New Staff, iFarm Survey, Food & Farm Policy Updates, Calendar of Events!
7/31/15 – Notes from The Barnyard: Message from the Director, Federal Legislative Updates, Farm Photo Contest, Calendar of Events!
6/30/15 – Notes from The Barnyard: Last Chance to Influence the OR Legislature, Support Farm Bill Conservation Programs, Summer Volunteering
6/22/15 – Support SB 920 – Common Sense Ag Antibiotics Reform
6/2/15 – Notes from The Barnyard: Speak out on GE crops, Meet FoFF’s new ED, Calendar of Events and More!
5/05/2015— Family Farm Priorities Advancing in Salem, Farmer Survey, Calendar of Events and More!
3/26/2015— Rally in Salem March 30!, Legislative Updates, Dine Our for FoFF!, Calendar of Events and More!
2/27/2015— 2015 Farmer Rally in Salem, Legislative Updates, the Agricultural Reclamation Act, Calendar of Events and More!
1/28/2015 – Barnyard Newsletter: 2015 Rally Day, Muckboots in the Capitol, FarmON! Update, Calendar of Events and more!
12/31/2014 — Barnyard Newsletter: 2014 Year in Review, GiveGuide!, Calendar of Events, and more!
12/03/2014— Barnyard Newsletter: FSMA Comments, GiveGuide!, Calendar of Events, and more!
11/04/2014— Barnyard Newsletter: Vote Family Farmer, Tractor Brigade, Beginning Farmer Conference Recap, Book Night, Calendar of Events
10/03/2014— Barnyard Newsletter: Right to Know, Farmers Rising!, Farm Internship Programs, Calendar of Events
08/27/2014— Raise the Roots!, Farmers Rising!, Board of Agriculture Applicants Needed
07/29/2014— Women Warriors, Fast Track Trade Deals, Raise the Roots, FarmOn!, and More!
07/08/2014— USDA Census of Agriculture Update, FoFF Film Night and Benefit, Calendar of Events
06/02/2014— Southern Oregon Farmers Defeat Goliath, Slow Food, and Calendar of Events
04/23/2014— Aggie Bond Program Launches, Gov’s GE Task Force, FoFF is Hiring and More!
03/21/2014— Tales from the Road, Aggie Bonds, Legislative Wrap-up and More!
02/26/2014— Listening Session Tour, Muckboots at the Capitol, Farm Bill Passes
01/23/2014— International Year of Family Farming, Listening Session Tour, and Latest News
12/19/2013— 2013 in review, federal grants, crop insurance, and 2014 Listening Sessions!
11/21/2013— Pasture raised alternatives, volunteer for FoFF, and farmer conference schedule.
10/22/2013— FSMA comments, conservation easements, and Farm to School.

Listening Session Tour, Muckboots in the Capitol, Farm Bill Passes and More!

09/19/2013— Oregon GE Bill is Back (SB 633) – Take Action! & Give!Guide!
08/21/2013— Launch of our Pro Pasture campaign and detail our legislative wins this season.
07/24/2013— Benefit Dinner and Legislative Successes
06/24/2014— Canola and Aggie Bonds in the Legislature
05/16/2013— Small Farms Gain Traction in Salem and Other Important News!
04/11/2013— Heroes in Muckboots, Seed Bill Alert, FoFF Benefit Today!
03/14/2013— See you in Salem – Canola, Aggie Bonds, Farm to School and more!
02/12/2013— Dine, Drink and Rally for Farmers
01/15/2013— Muckboots at the Capitol March 18, Canola Hearing, Farm Incubator
12/18/2012— Seasonal Giving, Canola & Meet the New Guy
11/20/2012— Canola Update, Legislative Priorities and Gratitude
10/25/2012— Canola Update, 2012 Farm Bill, Local Events
10/04/2012— FoFF Aid Benefit and Canola/Rapeseed Update
09/20/2012— Canola Hearing & Rally, Ag Census, Events Galore!
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