Factory farming is neither smart nor sustainable. Here you can find resources on the threats associated with factory farming. In addition, you can find information on citizen groups around the country working to stop factory farms from moving into their communities.

What is a Factory Farm?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls factory farms “animal feeding operations” (AFOs) or “concentrated animal feeding operations” (CAFOs).

AFOs are agricultural operations where animals are kept and raised in confined situations. AFOs generally congregate animals, feed, manure, dead animals, and production operations on a small land area. Feed is brought to the animals rather than the animals grazing or otherwise seeking feed in pastures. Animal waste and wastewater can enter water bodies from spills or breaks of waste storage structures (due to accidents or excessive rain), and non-agricultural application of manure to crop land.

Large federal CAFOs are of great concern. These operations, which meet the above definition of an AFO and confine at least 1,000 or more beef cattle, 700 or more dairy cattle, 2,500 or more pigs, 30,000 or more laying hens or 125,000 or more chickens. Read more about the EPA’s CAFO program here.

The Harms of Factory Farms

Groups Fighting Factory Farms

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