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The Oregon Board of Agriculture

The Oregon Board of Agriculture serves in an advisory capacity to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The Board meets every other month for two days. Locations for the meetings change as each meeting is typically held in a different region of the state. At every meeting, there is an opportunity for public comment. We encourage family farmers and eaters alike to make their voices heard during these important forums. Click here for a schedule of upcoming meetings.

Muckboots in the Capitol

Muckboots in the Capitol is FoFF’s legislative issues blog. Track the latest happenings on smalls farm and local food issues at the State Capitol and take action!

The CAFO Advisory Committee

The Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Advisory Committee was establish to advise and give feedback to the Oregon Department of Agriculture on state CAFO regulations. The committee meets three times per year and is open to the public. We encourage you to attend and stay up-to-date on how the Oregon Department of Agriculture is regulating pollution from factory farms. Meeting times and dates are listed here.

New Factory Farms

In most cases, when a new factory farm applies for a CAFO permit in Oregon, the only public notice issued by the state is to place as ad containing basic information in the local paper. Neither the state or the owner/operator of the proposed facility is required to notify neighbors.¬†When a factory farm application is noticed to the public for review, FoFF staff will often send a letter to all neighbors within a two mile radius of the proposed site, making them aware of the application and to ensure they are notified of the public hearing and comment period deadlines. Concerned about factory farms? Visit the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s website to see of plans for new facilities or renewals of existing permits. If you would like to receive updates for public notices for factory farms, go here.

Rule Comments

The Watchdog program also submits comments on state and federal draft rules which affect Oregon family farmers, like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and 2012’s Oregon Department of Agriculture canola rule. Everyone, eater and farmer, is encouraged to comment as well! To receive updates about comment deadlines and ideas for how to comment, subscribe to our newsletter.