Cascadia Grains Conference 2018

CONNECT: Convene and connect growers, processors, brokers, investors, and policy-makers across the value chain
LEARN: Provide a platform for the latest science, techniques, research, market opportunities and hands-on learning.
GROW: Cultivate an economically viable network of market opportunities for locally-sourced value-added products

The 2018 Cascadia Grains Conference will be January 19th & 20th, in Olympia, WA.

The 2018 conference is presented by WSU Food Systems and proudly supported by Fremont Brewing Company, Old Stove Brewing Company, Shepherd’s Grain and the generosity of many individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Friday January 19th at various locations and times around Thurston County for our Friday Hands-On Field Trips.
Saturday January 20th full conference from 8 am – 8 pm at the South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, WA.

Mud and Manure Workshop

Do you own horses or livestock?
Join us for this free event and learn about manure composting, heavy use areas, fencing, rotational grazing, and more.

Fall Pasture Grazing & Nutrient Management Field Workshop

Join us at Whispering Hills Farm near Dallas, OR to get ready for fall and winter conservation practices for livestock. Topics will include fall grazing, winter resting period, amendments, soil and manure testing, and a farm tour of Best Management Practices. Speakers will include OSU Extension’s Gene Pereli and Soil & Water Conservation District staff.

To register, call 503-472-1474 or visit for online registration

Due to limited parking, we will be shuttling from the Old German Baptist Brethren Church at 13100 Beck Road Dallas OR.

Sponsored by the Polk Soil & Water Conservation District, Yamhill Soil & Water Conservation District, and Marion Soil & Water Conservation District.

The Oregon Pasture Network is Officially Launched!

Farmers and consumers alike haveoregon pasture-smaller shown a growing interest in humane, environmentally friendly meat, egg and dairy products. Consumers want to buy them and farmers want to produce them. With growing concerns about factory farming practices and its health and environmental impacts, pasture-raised animal husbandry holds a lot of appeal. Friends of Family Farmers (FoFF) aims to support these burgeoning interests and connections through their newly-launched initiative: the Oregon Pasture Network (OPN).

OPN Farmer, Jon Bansen, and family

This statewide network will support the growth of pasture-based farming in Oregon. The OPN is a community of farmers, ranchers, food business owners and consumers who share similar values around the way food should be produced. They believe that raising animals on pasture, rather than in confinement, is the most sustainable, humane way to produce animal products.   When asked why he feels the network is important, Jon Bansen, member of OPN’s Farmer Advisory Committee and Organic Valley Co-op producer, said simply “Pasturing is important to our planet. I believe it is the one farming practice that will aid in our fight against global warming through carbon sequestration.”

Jon Carter, OPN Farmer, of Jo Le Farms

The OPN will help these committed farmers by connecting them to each other for networking and support, connecting them to existing resources and expert assistance, and by promoting them to consumers. One exciting way that FoFF intends to do this is by creating Oregon’s first-ever, statewide pastured producers’ directory so that consumers and food business owners can find the sort of meat, eggs and dairy they are seeking.

Gus and Margot Liszka, OPN Farmers, of Naked Acres

The Oregon Pasture Network is the newest iteration of FoFF’s popular “Pro Pasture” campaign, launched in 2013, which centered on encouraging farm-direct purchasing and farm-to-table restaurant connections to support pasture-based livestock producers. The OPN will provide new and improved support to Oregon’s dedicated pasture-based livestock producers through membership-based activities, educational opportunities, networking and market promotion. More information is available on the OPN webpage or by calling 503-581-7124, or emailing OPN @