InFarmation – How to buy meat direct from farm

Thursday, November 14th at Marys River Grange (24707 Grange Hall Rd, Philomath)
Doors open at 6:00pm; Event from 6:30-8:30pm

Buying local meat can be a daunting task. Who do you buy from? Does it matter if the meat was ”pasture raised”? What does buying “half a cow” mean? We’re tackling these questions and more as we dive into the why and how to purchase local meat with local producers, butchers, and consumers. Join us for a panel discussion, Q&A, and a ”meat and greet” with local producers. InFARMation sessions are educational events that brings eaters and farmers together to talk about the most pressing issues facing Oregon’s family farms and sustainable local food systems.

This event is free.

Presented by Friends of Family Farmers and OSU Extension Small Farms Program.

Contact with any questions.

Fill Your Pantry

Lane County’s premiere local food bulk buying event. Fill your pantry with the bounty of the Willamette Valley and support local farmers by eating local all winter!

Held annually in November, Willamette Farm & Food Coalition’s Fill Your Pantry (FYP) event is a unique opportunity to buy staple and storage crops in bulk directly from area farmers. Buying and storing local crops in our households is a tangible way you can support our small farms and save money on delicious local foods all winter.

New to Fill Your Pantry (FYP), or just need a refresher on how it works?

There are two ways to stock up and support local farms with this event:
(1) Pre-order online* between Oct 1st-31st for the best selection. Then, pick up your products from each farm vendor during the event.

(2) Purchase products on the event day itself, whether or not you pre-ordered additional product.

*Consumers must pick up all orders on Sunday, November 10th from 1-5pm at the Lane Events Center Auditorium. Card and EBT/SNAP accepted for pre-orders and day-of sales!

For many farms, this event makes a big difference in their financial stability, as it helps them to extend and expand their late season crops. For consumers, FYP offers a chance to stock up on a wide variety of long-lasting veggies, fruits, grains, beans, frozen foods, meat, honey, and more. In short, you support your local food system AND increase your winter self-sufficiency at the same time.

Offerings vary each year, but foods you’ll typically find at FYP include:
–Storage crops: onions, potatoes, beets, carrots, and squash
–Pantry staples: oats, flour, quinoa, and other grains
–Meat: chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and duck
–Specialty foods: apple sauce, pickles, and more

All orders will be picked up on Sunday, November 10th from 1-5pm at the Lane Events Center Auditorium. Cash, credit/debit, and EBT/SNAP/food stamps accepted!

This event is put on by the Willamette Farm & Food Coalition with generous support from our sponsors: City of Eugene, Country Financial, Eugene’s Table, Hummingbird Wholesale, and Columbia Bank

Visit or email for more details

Livestock Guardian Dogs-using them effectively

Two expert speakers on ‘Using Livestock Guardian Dogs Effectively’. Livestock Guardian Dogs offer protection against small and large predators, including WOLVES!
As an introduction to livestock guardian dogs, this course will include where to find good information, how to get started with LGDs, and how to find a reputable breeder.
You will learn general “rules” for training and keeping LGDs, and effectively using LGDs against large and small predators. We will also look at recently completed research comparing various “new” breeds and their effectiveness against wolves. Register on line:
Louise Liebenberg, a Livestock Guardian Dog expert, and “owner” of Predator Friendly Ranching, will present along with Julie Young, Research Assistant Professor in the department of Wildland Resources at Utah State University.

Exploring the Small Farm Dream

Exploring the Small Farm Dream is a beginning farmer 3-class training series. Southern Oregon abounds with enthusiastic farmers involved in pursuing the commercial small farm dream. The aim of this three-session course is to assist those considering a small-scale commercial farming operation learn what it will take to start and manage a farm business and decide whether that is something they really want to pursue.
It will provide an excellent framework for new farmers to assess their skills and interests, learn the realities of farm business ownership, and become connected to local resources. The faculty of OSU Extension Small Farms Department teaches, guides and connects farmers to each other. In addition, we help find answers to all those questions that crop up along the way. Register on line:
Instructors: Sara Runkel and Maud Powell, OSU Extension Faculty

Goat Discovery Day

Strengthen your goat confidence and know-how. If you are an experienced “goat person” or you hope to be, this event is for you! A full day of workshops, demos with live goats, vendors, and networking. Presented by Emerald Dairy Goat Association and Oregon State University Extension Services.

8:00 – 9:00 am: Check-in. Hot drinks and sweet treats available.
9:00 – 9:15 am: Welcome
9:15 – 9:20 am: Transition to First Session
9:20 – 10:50 am: Session 1 options:
Getting into Packing with Goats, Wayne Sherrard
Common Goat Diseases and How to Manage Them, Dr. Charles Estill, OSU Extension
Goat Herbalism, Kat Drovdahl
11:00 am – 12:30 pm: Session 2 options:
Milking and Milk Handling Procedures, Jenifer Cruickshank OSU Extension
FAMACHA Training, Dr. Charles Estill, OSU Extension
Hay and Forage Nutrition, Ian McGregor OSU Extension
12:30 – 1:45 pm: Lunch Break (see lunch details after Session Descriptions)
1:45 – 2:45 pm: Session 3 options:
Pros & Cons of Milk Machines, Cristen Sullivan Simple Pulse
Introductory Goat Genomics, Jenifer Cruickshank OSU Extension
The Goat’s Got Juice, Kat Drovdahl
2:45 – 3:00 pm: Break. Goat cheese and crackers provided by EDGA
3:00 – 4:00 pm: Session 4 options:
Preparation for Milk Testing, Carla Polson
Goat Conformation, Melanie Ferguson, Royal Cedars and HIdden Meadows Farm
Marketing Goats and Goat Products, Melissa Fery OSU Extension
Session Descriptions
Goat Herbalism
Katherine Drovdahl MH CR CA CEIT DipHIr QTP

Goat Herbalism is a great class for those that would like to learn more about working with herbs with their goats from a Master of Herbology and herb company owner that raises goats and other farm animals and has been teaching others how to do the same for over a decade.

The Goat’s Got Juice
Katherine Drovdahl MH CR CA CEIT DipHIr QTP teaches you several ways to administer herbs to your favorite caprines!

FAMACHA Training
[Limited to 20 participants, cost $15 for FAMACHA card kit]

Dr. Charles Estill, Oregon State University

FAMACHA is a diagnostic tool to help you identify parasite infection in small ruminants, such as sheep and goats. The tool is a chart that matches eyelid color to anemia levels, an indicator of parasite infection. This type of diagnosis allows farmers to target treatment only to infected animals, which in some systems has reduced use of deworming agents by 90 percent. Not only do farmers save money, they significantly reduce the likelihood of causing parasites to become resistant to dewormers. FAMACHA training is only available through certified veterinarians.

Common Goat Diseases and How to Manage Them
Dr. Charles Estill, Oregon State University

Learn about the common diseases that affect goats in the Pacific Northwest and how to prevent and treat diseases to help keep your goat herd healthy.

Hay and Forage Nutrition
Ian McGregor, OSU Extension Service Livestock Program

This session will focus on understanding how nutrient content of forages is affected by various environmental, physiological, and cultural circumstances. You will walk away with an improved ability to judge hay or pasture forages for their nutrient content, and will ultimately end up with a more sophisticated nutrient management style for your goat business.

Preparation for Milk Testing
Carla Polson

This session will cover what you need to know to prepare for your first milk test as a herd owner or a new milk tester. We will cover the process, taking samples and packing for the lab and much more.

Pros and Cons of Milk Machines
Cristen Sullivan, Simple Pulse

This session will explore the pros and cons of using milk machines as well as address commonly asked milking questions.

Getting into Packing with Goats
Wayne Sherrard, North American Pack Goat Association

This presentation is for the beginner interested in partnering with pack goats for hunting and wilderness exploration. Pack goats are gaining popularity in western states including Oregon. Wayne will be discussing specifics about breeds and selecting goats with packing potential. There will also be a saddling demonstration, equipment show-and-tell and trail etiquette dos and don’ts.

Marketing Goats and Goat Products
Melissa Fery, OSU Extension Service Small Farms Program

Are you interested in selling live goats, meat, and/or milk from goats? If your answer is yes, plan to attend this session where we’ll talk about direct marketing strategies and rules and regulations to keep in mind.

Milking and Milk Handling
Jenifer Cruickshank, OSU Extension Service

Learn about the physiology of milk letdown, udder preparation and cleanliness, proper milking equipment use, sanitary milk handling procedures, and pasteurization options.

Introductory Goat Genomics
Jenifer Cruickshank, OSU Extension Service

Review basic genetics and learn about what genomics is, how genomic information is generated and being used, and how it might ultimately be useful in making goat breeding decisions.

Goat Conformation
Melanie Ferguson, Royal Cedars and Hidden Meadows Farm

Conformation is how well a goat conforms to the ideal according to breed. This session is for goat enthusiasts who may want to show goats and those interested in learning about conformation and how the concepts apply to doe selection and herd management.

Lunch Information
You are welcome to bring your own lunch to the event, go out for lunch, or add on a catered lunch option for $11. There are two options for lunch, either a sandwich or a salad – both come with a dark chocolate brownie for dessert and beverage choices of water, iced tea & mango spritzer:

TTABS Sandwich with turkey, avocado, bacon, swiss & tomato with a green goddess aioli between Creswell Bakery multi grain sourdough.
Kitchen Sink Salad includes organic greens, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, nuts, pickled beets, feta & whatever else the chef finds. Served with bread. Balsamic vinaigrette & ranch optional on side.

Costs of Production for Diversified Vegetable Farms

In this workshop, Tanya Murray from Oregon Tilth will cover the basics of how to account for crop specific costs of production and how cost information can be used for decision-making.

Workshop participants will do a simple costing exercise to estimate the costs of production for a sample crop. We’ll look at how making changes to price, yield and production methods can change the amount that a crop contributes to profit. We’ll also talk about strategies for doing the record keeping that you’ll need to calculate your costs. Farmers that want to take a deeper dive into costs of production analysis will be introduced to the Know Your Costs to Grow program and learn how you can participate starting in 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Binning at 503-373-3774 or

Your Farm Life–Make Next Year Profitable!

Do you know which farm products are profitable on your farm? Could what you THINK is profitable actually be costing you?
Unless you properly analyze your numbers, you are just guessing and gambling with your farm’s financial health! (class details below)
While diversification can increase overall financial health, keeping or adding unprofitable enterprises robs you of time and energy while decreasing overall financial sustainability. What is profitability? How do you analyze and compare diverse projects within your business? Learn how to conduct a Gross Profit Analysis and plan for profit as an expense, rather than just taking what is left over at the end of the year. Although we will frame the class within the context of agriculture and rural living, these concepts apply to families, non-profits, and individuals (especially young people!) Register on line:

Soil Testing for Productive Gardens, Pastures and Farm Fields

In this class, we will learn about methods for collecting a soil sample, where to send soil for analysis, and most importantly, how to interpret the results and correct problems. We will use examples from both organic and conventional production systems.
Bring in the soil test report from your garden, pasture, or field to review during class (suggested but not required).
Register on line:

All About Fruit Show

Crisp Fall air has returned and once again and The Home Orchard Society is inviting you to join us for the annual All About Fruit Show (AAFS). Attendees will be able to sample and experience over 500 varieties of rare and heirloom fruit, including apples, Asian and European pears, grapes, quince, kiwi, and more.

In addition to show. casing a wide variety of fruit, local fruit orchard experts will be on-hand to help you ID some of your own home fruit, answer your fruit-related questions, and/or guide your future fruit orchard projects you may have.

This year’s speaker series covers a variety of fruit-related topics such as fruit and nut explorations and community orchard projects happening in Idaho with Casimir Holeski, Holistic Orchard Management and Organic Fruit Tree Care with April Jamison, Water Collection and Water Conservation with Johnathan Brandt, and the Art of Home-scale Cider Making with HOS Board Member Todd Morrill. Grab a glass of fresh apple cider and broaden your fruit horizons.

“The All About Fruit Show is a unique tasting event seeking to inspire local orchardists and home growers alike to “plant outside the box” by seeing and tasting the wide array of fruits available to us in the Pacific NW – including some weird and rare gems never seen on the supermarket shelves. These different textures, colors, flavors showcase the beauty that one can enjoy, grow, and preserve for future generations in their backyard. For instance, you’d be surprised how different one Asian pear looks and tastes, when compared to another. It’s unbelievable!” – April Jamison, HOS Board Member

Admission is $5 for HOS Members, $10 for HOS HOS Member Families, $7 for non-members, and $12 for non-member Families. Become a Home Orchard Society Member at the event doors, and get free entry day of!

For more information regarding the Home Orchard Society or the All About Fruit Show, visit, find us on Facebook at Home Orchard Society or our event page “2019 All About Fruit Show”

Rogue Farm Corps Farm Olympics

What: Join us for the 3rd Annual Farm Olympics, a Rogue Farm Corps benefit inspiring friendly competition among our local farmers and celebrating the harvest season. Create a team to compete in several farm themed events (hay bale toss, farmer relay, competitive weighing, farm trivia, market booth setup…), or just come support your local farm community and watch the mayhem! There will also be live music and drink & beverage available for purchase.

Where:Two Rivers Farm near Springfield, OR (89190 Old Mohawk Rd. 97478)

When: Sunday, Oct 6. Competition from 2-5pm. Music and celebration 5-9pm. (Camping available at Two Rivers Farm)

Entry: $10-20 sliding scale @ the door for entry to the games and party for non-competitors. No one turned away for lack of funds. Cost to register is $100 for a team of 4-6 people/$75 for non-profit organizations. All ages welcome! Team space is limited. Register & More Info @

You can find event line-up and more details on our Facebook Event Page

If you or your organization would like to participate, there are a number of ways to join!

Form a team of 4-6 people, and register to compete, or come and cheer on the competitors. $25 off team registration available to non-profit organizations who would like to compete.

Volunteer your organization to help run an event, and/or offer a prize to the winners of an event.

Tabling at the event is open from 1:00-6:00pm on Sunday. Share your work or product with the Oregon farming community!

Come watch and cheer! $10-20 sliding scale entry 2pm onwards. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Please pass the word along to your networks, farmer friends, farm supporters, etc etc! All event proceeds benefit the work of Rogue Farm Corps: training & equipping the next generation of farmers.

Questions? Contact Taylor Larson – (541-521-2988)