Step 1: Pasture Network Pledge

All prospective Pasture Partners must read the Pasture Network Pledge and be willing to fully commit to the OPN principles it outlines. You will be asked to sign the pledge when filling out the official application.

Step 2: OPN Application

The OPN Application can be found here. It takes about one hour to complete, and will be reviewed by FoFF staff and the OPN advisory committee on a periodic basis.

Note: The next deadline to apply for OPN membership is October 3. Applications received before this date will be reviewed and notified of approval this fall. 

Step 3: Farm Visit

The last step after your application is received and approved as complete is a farm visit. This requirement may be waived by the committee if you have received a recent visit from a committee member or FoFF staff member. All farm visits to a region are typically scheduled on the same day or week, so please be prepared to be flexible.

Note: For applications received before October 3, farm visits will likely occur between mid October and mid-November. We will update these dates and locations to be more specific as soon as possible. The next round of visits may not occur before the spring, so please keep these dates in mind.

Step 4: Welcome to the Oregon Pasture Network

As soon as you’ve signed the pledge, had your application approved and received a recent farm visit, you will be officially enrolled in the OPN as a Pasture Partner!

We will add you to our OPN Google Group so you can communicate with other pastured producers directly and you will receive our quarterly newsletter. We will also build your very own, free farm profile on our website based on the info you provided on your application.

In late 2015/early 2016, we will publish Oregon’s first statewide pastured producer’s directory and will include your farm in the directory, also based on information from your application.

Stay tuned for more exciting, new benefits and opportunities as we develop them!


Q: How much does it cost to become a Pasture partner?

A: We are happy to be able to offer free memberships in 2016.  We are still growing and building this program, so there may be increased costs in future years to provide increased services, but for now we are not charging for enrollment!


Q: If I am a previous Pro Pasture Partner, do I have to re-apply to be an OPN Pasture Partner?

A: The short answer is “yes.”  Now that we have gone through our program redesign, with increased programmatic standards, our advisory committee has strongly urged us to ask everyone to complete a new application. However, in certain circumstances, if you have had a relatively recent farm visit and your operation has not changed drastically, we may opt to waive the farm visit requirement.