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The average age of farmers in Oregon is 58 years old. Without a plan to get new farmers onto the land with access to education, financing and markets, we stand to lose 25-50% of the land that is currently in agriculture production in the next decade. In response, Friends of Family Farmers has developed a land and resource connection service with an online database to help Oregon grow the next generation of family farmers.

iFarm Redesign Request for Propsals

Friends of Family Farmers is seeking an experienced web developer to redesign the iFarm Oregon database. The deadline for proposals is November 9th. Please click here for the complete RFP.

Share your thoughts on iFarm!

This fall, we’re updating the iFarm database to make it even better. Please take a few minutes and share your thoughts by taking this short survey.

How Does iFarm Work?

Landseekers and landholders must first complete a questionnaire. Once completed and approved, this information is entered into the iFarm database, after which landseekers and landholders may begin to contact any of the iFarm participants.

How to search iFarm listings

Once you’ve found a landholder or landseeker you would like to contact, please send an email to FoFF. We will then send an email to connect you with the owner of that listing!


Qualifications: Anyone who is serious about finding or offering land to farm may participate, so long as we understand that they do currently, and intend to continue to, abide by all applicable ordinances and laws.

Confidentiality: iFarm never displays our members contact information publicly or shares it with other organizations, and we do not give out this information to other participants without your express permission.

Current Listings: All listings on iFarm are active, to the best of our knowledge, regardless of the date they were created

Fee: iFarm is a free service, although we encourage participants to become members of Friends of Family Farmers.

How do I get started using iFarm?


Either fill out this online form or print our pdf application form in English or Spanish and mail it to * Friends of Family Farmers * 249 Liberty St NE, Suite 212 * Salem, OR 97301.

Either fill out this online form, or print our pdf landholder application and mail it to * Friends of Family Farmers * 249 Liberty St NE, Suite 212 * Salem, OR 97301.

Investors/Potential Business Partners
Print this pdf partnership/investment application and mail it to * Friends of Family Farmers * 249 Liberty St NE, Suite 212 * Salem, OR 97301.

Resources For Finding, Selling and Leasing Land

We post new listings several times each week, so please check back often!