FoFF’s Farmer Campaign engages with Oregon’s family farmers and ranchers to create positive change in our state’s food system. From individual conversations and farm visits to our bi-annual listening sessions, we listen to the needs of farmers and ranchers and use their feedback to shape our programs and develop state policy.

Shari's Garlic OregonOregon’s Family Farmers

Oregon farmers produce over 220 different crops and, unlike other places in the country, almost 85% of Oregon’s nearly 40,000 farms are still small to medium sized, family-owned enterprises.┬áIn addition to providing jobs and income to local people, family farmers often support small businesses by purchasing goods and service within their communities. Farmers around the state are provide us with food produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Agricultural Reclamation Act

The Agricultural Reclamation Act (ARA) was the culmination of the 2009-2010 Listening Sessions. During each of these listening sessions, two farmers offered to represent their peers at the first Farmer and Rancher Delegation, held on February 28th, 2010. These 70 Oregon family farmers and ranchers came together to establish a statewide platform for food and agriculture, called the Agricultural Reclamation Act.

The Agricultural Reclamation Act, which was crafted and ratified by these delegates, outlines seven major issues that are facing socially responsible family farmers and ranchers in Oregon. It also puts forth three action items for each issue area that would begin to ensure agricultural viability and vitality in our state. It serves as a road map for future food and agricultural policy that is based on family-scale farms and ranches, food security, rural economic viability and cultural connectivity.