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The average age of farmers in Oregon is 60 years old. Without a plan to get new farmers onto the land, we stand to lose 25-50% of the land that is currently in agriculture production in the next decade. In response, Friends of Family Farmers has developed a land and resource connection database to help Oregon grow the next generation of family farmers.

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How Does Oregon Farm Link Work?

Land seekers and land holders first create user profiles. After they are approved by FoFF staff, these profiles are displayed on the Oregon Farm Link database. Registered land seekers and land holders can browse all listings, and contact any of the Oregon Farm Link users.

Although it is legal in the state of Oregon to grow hemp and marijuana with certain permits, cultivation of these plants is currently still illegal at the federal level. As a non-profit organization, Friends of Family Farmers would like to avoid any potential legal and tax-status ramifications for facilitating the cultivation of these crops. Therefore, at this point, Friends of Family Farmers has decided not to use Oregon Farm Link to post listings seeking or advertising land to produce hemp and marijuana.

Resources For Finding, Selling and Leasing Land