We might not all be farmers, but we’re all eaters! Friends of Family Farmers’ Eater Program helps consumers understand the difficulties that Oregon family farmers face in trying to remain financially viable while farming in a socially and environmentally responsible way. This program gives eaters the tools they need to make decisions that shape our food system for the better.

Outreach to Oregon Eaters & Consumers

megansarahtablingUrban consumers have the potential to wield a lot of power when it comes to policy and legislation that impacts food systems and sustainable agriculture. So it’s important that urban ‘eaters’ know who is growing their food and that they are empowered to be vocal about the kind of food system policies that are needed to support family scale farms in Oregon.

Oregon Pasture Network Product Guide

The Oregon Pasture Network (OPN) Product Guide is designed to connect eaters with family-scale pasture-based livestock and poultry producers across Oregon. The livestock producers in our Oregon Pasture Network are located throughout the state and offer high-quality products from animals that have been raised outdoors, on pasture, in a humane and ecologically responsible and sustainable manner.

This OPN Product Guide is a tool to help you find pasture-raised products in your region. It profiles producers and identifies where their products can be found, including grocery stores, on restaurant menus, at farmers markets and farms stands, or through “Herd-Shares.”

Fill Your Pantry

FoFF’s first Fill Your Pantry – Portland 2015

Since 2015, FoFF has hosted Fill Your Pantry Community Bulk Buying events in Portland and Salem. Fill Your Pantry is an event organized by various groups around the state, and has become an excellent opportunity to purchase bulk quantities of staple and storage crops directly from farmers. We encourage participants to support farmers in a big way by using Fill Your Pantry to stock up with bulk quantities of locally grown dried beans, grains, flours, nuts, honey, root veggies, garlic, onions, winter squash, pasture-raised meats and more. Fill Your Pantry is a great way to support local farmers, foster urban and rural connections and help and help strengthen our farm-direct local food system. Learn more about our past and future Fill Your Pantry events here.


In an effort to educate and mobilize eaters, we have hosted InFARMation educational events around the state since January 2009. These events bring eaters and farmers together (sometimes over beer) to talk about the most pressing issues facing Oregon’s family farms and sustainable local food systems.

For many years, InFARMation took place monthly in Portland and periodically in other communities across the state. We are taking a short break from these events currently, but are planning more InFARMation events in the future. If you have a suggestion for a topic, or would like to bring InFARMation to your part of Oregon, please email us!

Guest Speaking and Presentations

Friends of Family Farmers is often available to make appearances speaking to groups, businesses and college classes, and we routinely present on panels or at conferences about local food systems, sustainable agriculture, and current issues faced by Oregon family farmers. You can also often find us tabling at farmers’ markets and conferences around the state and at film screenings of documentaries about farming and food issues.

If you would like a FoFF representative to speak to your group, table at an event, visit your community, or partner up in an outreach opportunity, please contact us via email or phone 503-581-7124.