Legislative Session Gets Mixed Reviews

The Capital Press wrote a recap of the 2013 Oregon Legislative session on 7/9/2013

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Here’s an excerpt:

Small farms fared well this session, according to Ivan Maluski of Friends of Family Farmers, particularly in the passage of House Bill 2700, known as the “Aggie Bonds” bill.

The bill provides incentives for lenders to loan to small farms.

“Access to affordable capital is one of the most persistent challenges for family farmers in Oregon, and the Aggie Bonds bill will help a new generation of family farmers succeed in their small business enterprises,” Maluski said.

Maluski also applauded lawmakers for passing a bill banning all but a smattering of canola production in the Willamette Valley until 2019, and then only for research purposes.

House Bill 2427 overrides an Oregon Department of Agriculture decision in February to allow up to 2,500 acres of canola a year in the valley, putting into question whether Gov. John Kitzhaber will sign it.

Fast viewed the passage of HB2427 as one of the Farm Bureau’s biggest failures, given that it sets a bad precedent, she said.