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Our Programs

Friends of Family Farmers is the only statewide agricultural organization working to promote and protect socially responsible family farming, ranching and healthy rural communities in Oregon. We engage in a variety of programs and projects that support our mission.

Farmer Campaign

RVB Farmers' MarketFriends of Family Farmers has brought farmers and ranchers together to address the issues facing Oregon agriculture.  Through the Agricultural Reclamation Act,  we are giving farmers a voice and establishing a platform for the future of Oregon’s food and agriculture.  Meet Oregon’s socially responsible family farmers and ranchers and learn more about the  farmer campaign>>>

Eater Campaign

We might not all be farmers, but we are all eaters!  Friends of Family Farmers has launched the Eater Campaign to help the public to better understand the issues that socially responsible family farmers and ranchers face, and the connection between food and farms in Oregon.  From tabling at farmers’ markets and presenting at gatherings to our monthly InFARMation (and Beer!) in Portland, check out what we’ve been working on here>>

Next Generation Campaign

P1010659The average age of farmers in Oregon is 57 years. Without a plan to get new farmers onto the land, with access to education, financing and markets, we stand to lose 25% to 50% of the land that is currently in agricultural production in the next 20 years according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. In response, Friends of Family Farmers has developed an online database, iFarm Oregon, that is designed to connect new and young farmers with land and partnerships. We have also launched FarmON!, the Oregon chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition to help connect beginning farmers to education, skills and community.

Watchdog Campaign

This public oversight program keeps tabs on the corporate agriculture lobby and state and federal agencies charged with promoting and regulating agricultural activities. We also monitor and make the public aware of other threats to Oregon agriculture, such as factory farms moving into rural communities. See what we are keeping our eyes on>>. As part of our Watchdog campaign, we support citizens actively participating in building and shaping their agricultural communities. When invited, we can provide assistance to communities who see their local agriculture and their rural way of life being threatened. We are also glad to offer our services to communities who would like to organize and promote socially responsible farming or build a healthy local food system. Let’s put “culture” back in agriculture, because after all, it’s our backyard>>

Pro Pasture Campaign

Our Pro Pasture Campaign encourages consumers and retailers to seek out and support socially responsible producers who raise animals on pasture. A key component of this campaign is Pro Pasture Fridays (PPF). PPF joins together farmers, ranchers, consumers, food purchasers, retail stores, chefs and restauranteurs to promote agricultural practices that put a high value on family farms, animal welfare, public health, the environment and rural economies. Learn more here >>>

Oregon Grows Partnership

The Oregon Grows Partnership is a coalition of local food, rural economic development, and family farm organizations that provide an alternative voice to the corporate agribusiness lobby at the State Capitol in Salem. Friends of Family Farmers has partnered with other food and agricultural groups from around the state through the Oregon Grows Partnership to set common priorities that support socially responsible agriculture and our state’s family farmers and ranchers. Learn more about the Oregon Grows Partnership here and our joint policy priorities.

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