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Oregon chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition.  Woot woot!  We exist to help you and your farmer friends build the most creative, spontaneous, educational, fruitful and supportive agricultural community you can envision.  This Google Group is our bull-horn for promoting and finding out about:

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Oregon’s First Beginning Farmer & Rancher Convivium in Springfield, Oct. 17-19, 2014

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FarmON-final-logoFarmON! is an affiliate chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition. By bringing farmers, future farmers and farmer-friendly folks together, FarmON! builds community centered around agriculture to share wisdom in creative, fruitful, supportive and educational ways. It also serves as a way to add Oregon’s voice to the larger young farmer movement happening Nationwide.

Why FarmON!?

IMG_0196We are at a critical juncture for transferring our agricultural land, infrastructure, traditions, knowledge and skills. Thousands of new and young farmers are needed to steward the land, produce nutritious food and regenerate rural communities – in Oregon and across the Nation. The good news is that we have no shortage of people ready to get their hands dirty and take on this task.  The bad news is there are a number of obstacles to overcome. Despite this, many young farmers are charging full steam ahead and creating meaningful and viable enterprises.  To learn more about the challenges young American farmers face and strategies for success, read the National Young Farmers Coalition report.

Parties with a Purpose

FarmON! is a way to come together with others who understand what it takes to brave the unique barriers young farmers face for physical and moral support. Through ingenuity, and inspiration, with energy and passion, FarmON! will create a community of agrarians getting together for good times and learning from one another.

What does this look like?  This means farmers hosting informal agriculturally-minded gatherings and inviting others to join in. And it’s farmer’s choice. These events can be as varied and as colorful as your lettuce patch. FoFF can link you to resources and help connect you with other like minded stewards. For event ideas go here>>

To Participate

  • IMG_0218Join the listserve or submit your events by emailing
  • Visit the FarmON! Facebook Page and check out upcoming events on our Facebook Events Calendar.
  • To submit your event for our calendar and listserve, fill out this form>>
  • Search for land on iFarm, Oregon’s landlink database.
**The FarmON! Oregon Google Group is intended for social networking purposes only.  Neither FarmON! Oregon nor Friends of Family Farmers make any assurances about the safety, content, and/or quality of the events that individuals create and promote using this program, and do not accept responsibility for any damages or injuries that occur in connection with any of the events mentioned in this group.


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