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It’s Our Backyard

Friends of Family Farmers supports citizens actively participating in building and shaping their agricultural communities. When invited, we can provide assistance to a group of citizens who see their local agriculture and rural ways of life being threatened by industry. We are also glad to offer services to communities that would like to organize and promote socially responsible farming or to build a healthy local food system. Together, we can put some of the ‘culture’ back into agriculture.

Stop Factory Farms

Factory farms are showing up around the nation at an unprecedented rate. Since 2005, our organization has been contacted by many Oregon communities that have been impacted or threatened by concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) - we are not talking about small and medium Oregon confined animal feeding operations.

We have been working closely with family farmers and rural residents to ensure that their property values, rural businesses, personal health and quality of life are protected from the air and water pollution that are a result of concentrating thousands or tens of thousands of animals and their waste, in one location.

This tremendous amount of pollution (which the Oregon Department of Agriculture estimates to be around 10 million tons of manure, litter and process wastewater per year) threatens our water, our air and our communities.

If you need help organizing against a factory farm in your community, we can help. Please contact us for more information on how to protect your community from the potential harms of industrialized agriculture.

Read the Story of Oak Grove Road and learn how the citizens of Canby warded off 1.5 million Foster Farm chickens and find more resources and information on the harms of factory farms here.

Let’s Put the Culture Back in Agriculture

community_meetingFriends of Family Farmers encourages active citizen participation in the shaping of rural communities. Towns and regions across the nation are working toward reclaiming local food economies, which is becoming increasingly necessary as energy prices sky-rocket and industrial food safety concerns are encouraging consumers look for alternative food choices closer to home.

Family-scale agriculture and local food production, processing, distribution and sale can be the cornerstones of thriving rural communities, healthy people, strong social character and land stewardship.

Effective Community Organizing

If you would like advice or assistance in starting a conversation in your area around community development through food and agriculture and the revitalizing of local economies, contact us to find out how we can help or visit our “Communities Can” page to see a list of ideas to get you started. Please also visit our Local Food Resources page to find more information.

We have also put together a toolkit to help communities through the process of organizing food projects and making change in their localities.

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