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The average age of farmers in Oregon is nearly 60 years old. And, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, 25-50% of Oregon’s farmland will change hands in the next decade. Without a plan to get new farmers onto the land with access to education, financing and markets, we stand to lose Oregon’s small and mid-sized farms as land is consolidated into larger holdings or lost to non-farm uses like development.

In response, Friends of Family Farmers has developed a land and resource connection service with an online database called iFarm to help Oregon grow the next generation of family farmers. To learn more about what Friends of Family Farmers is doing to address these issues, learn more about our Next Generation Campaign here.

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How iFarm Works

Greg Malinowski, Rancher and iFarm landlord

Greg Malinowski, Rancher and iFarm landlord

To contact any of the landowners or farmers on iFarm, you must first complete a questionnaire describing your opportunity (for landholders) or your goals, experience, and plans (for landseekers). Once completed and approved, this information is entered into our online database (online and pdf questionnaires are below) and you may then contact any of our iFarm participants.

To search our database, click on the link above, then select the type of iFarm participant you are looking for and click either “View Listings” or “Advanced Search Options.”  “View Listings” displays every listing in the category that you’ve checked and “Advanced Search Options ” allows you to narrow your search by region. Listings are displayed in order from oldest first to newest at the end.

To contact a participant, go to their listing and click on the words “click here” at the bottom of the page, under the “Tools” heading.  That generates an email to  We will then give that participant your contact information and let them know that you would like to speak with them.  It is up to them to contact you back.


  • Qualifications: Anyone who is serious about finding or offering land to farm may participate, so long as we understand that they do currently, and intend to continue to, abide by all applicable ordinances and laws.
  • Confidentiality: iFarm never displays our members contact information publicly or shares it with other organizations, and we do not give out this information to other participants without your express permission.
  • Current Listings: All listings on iFarm are active, to the best of our knowledge, regardless of the date they were created.
  • Fee: iFarm is a free service, although we encourage participants to become members of Friends of Family Farmers.



Either fill out this online form, or print our pdf landholder application and mail it to ATTN: iFarm * Friends of Family Farmers * 249 Liberty St. NE, Suite 212 * Salem, OR 97301.  You can also request this form in an editable Word Doc by emailing

Investors/Potential Business Partners

Print this pdf investment/partnership application and submit it to ATTN: iFarm * Friends of Family Farmers * 249 Liberty St. NE, Suite 212 * Salem, OR 97301.  You can also request this form in an editable Word Doc by emailing

Employment Opportunities

Agricultural Educators and Service Providers

Tell us about your program and we’ll consider adding it to our ever-growing resources page.  Email
We also have a community calendar that shows agricultural events and classes being held around the state. If you would like to have an event added to the calendar, please email
In addition, if you would like a representative from FoFF to talk about the organization or the iFarm Oregon program at one of your classes please feel free to get in touch by emailing

Resources For Finding, Selling and Leasing Land

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Please contact the Friends of Family Farmers office at 503.581.7124 or email us at for more information or to add your posting to the database.

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