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August InFARMation: The Soil Will Save Us

August InFARMation: The Soil Will Save Us

Thousands of years of poor farming and ranching practices—and, especially, modern industrial agriculture—have led to the loss of up to 80 percent of carbon from the world’s soils. That carbon is now floating in the atmosphere, and even if we stopped using fossil fuels today, it would continue warming the planet.
Join us for a conversation [...]


Chehalem Mountain iFarm Match

Written by FoFF Volunteer, Lisa Brosnan July 28, 2015
The wind blows fierce in the Chehalem Mountains outside Newberg. It’s what brought Helen Hull and her husband, Robert Preus, to this 22-acre farm back in 1999. He built wind turbines on the ridge, while she commuted to Portland to work as a consultant for a property [...]

2015 Oregon Legislative Wrap-Up: Wins, Losses and Draws

2015 Oregon Legislative Wrap-Up: Wins, Losses and Draws

July 15, 2015
Friends of Family Farmers fought hard for family-scale farmers in the 2015 legislative session on bills ranging from agri-tourism to GE crops to urban agricultural zones. On the evening of July 6, the 2015 Oregon Legislative session finally adjourned. In the end, the roller-coaster session marked by the high-profile resignation of a recently [...]


InFARMation – Tuesday, July 14: The Feed Your Food Eats

Do you ever consider all that goes into nourishing the animals that eventually nourish ourselves? Sourcing feed options that adhere to specific requisites like non-GMO or local often proves rather challenging for livestock producers.
Nutrition and ethics are two guiding principles when selecting the right feed for livestock, but accessibility and locality are also weighted considerations for [...]


End of Session Legislative Update – There’s still time for action on key priorities

June 24, 2015
The 2015 Oregon Legislative session is just a week or two (or more) away from adjourning. The original ‘projected’ date of adjournment was June 26, but under the Oregon Constitution, the Legislature has until July 11 before it must complete its business. With many major budget decisions still unmade, and new debate opening [...]

June 9th: Fill Your Freezer, The Value of Buying in Bulk

June 9th: Fill Your Freezer, The Value of Buying in Bulk

Bulk purchases of farm direct meat, dairy, veggies, and value-added products benefit eaters and farmers alike. Whether transactions occur through individual or aggregate channels, there is inherent value to both buying and selling direct from farmer to eater.
Eaters get high quality, local foods at reduced overall costs. Farmers are able to sell large quantities of [...]


Beginning Farmer Lending Bill Passes the Oregon Legislature!

May 13, 2015

Family Farmers Cheer Passage of Aggie Bonds Beginning Farmer Lending Bill
Program Facilitates Lower Interest Loans to Beginning and Smaller Farmers
Salem, OR: Friends of Family Farmers, Oregon’s leading advocate for independent family-scale farmers and ranchers, cheered the passage of HB 3239 through the Oregon Senate today. HB 3239 expands access to Oregon’s [...]

May 12th: Edible Surplus in the Food Chain

May 12th: Edible Surplus in the Food Chain

Food waste composes the largest percentage of waste dumped into municipal landfills. That’s because nearly 40% of the food produced in the U.S. alone bypasses hungry mouths, and instead ends up rotting in landfills or decomposing in fields or compost heaps. That 40% equates to 96 billion pounds of food with a net worth of [...]


Mid-Session Update – Salem Watch

Written April 22, 2015 (with May 4 bill updates included below)
It has been a wild few weeks in Salem. Key deadlines for legislative action occurred on April 10 and April 21, and many of FoFF’s legislative priorities are still in play. If a bill wasn’t voted out of its first committee by April 21, it [...]

Action Alert!  Canola is Back…

Action Alert! Canola is Back…

Remember how we won big for Oregon’s vegetable seed growers and fresh vegetable producers by keeping canola production out of the Willamette Valley in 2013? Well, canola’s back…
Send an email TODAY to stop HB 3382!
House Bill 3382 will be voted on voted on TOMORROW morning as early as 10:30 AM by the Oregon House of [...]

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